Residential Landlord Legal Advice

Renting To Tenants-Applications & Rental Agreements

I can assist you get organized and set your priorities to protect your investment and ensure your paperwork and procedures are legally compliant. 

Environmental Hazards

Landlords are required to take steps to ensure that the tenants aren't sickened by common hazards like mold, lead, and asbestos. 

Avoid Allegations of Discrimination and Retaliation

Seek advice before making a costly decision that might be deemed discrimination or retaliation against a tenant.

Duties Owed to Tenants

Seek advice on your obligations to your tenants during their tenancy.

Addressing Tenants' Contract Breach

Seek advice on how to properly address tenants' breach of the lease in a timely manner.

Security Deposits

Seek advice on how to handle a tenants' security deposit during and after their tenancy under California law. 

Avoid Dangers of Self-Help Even with Bad Tenants

It is imperative that you do not take any action against a tenant unless it is permitted by a court or you risk significant penalties.