Discrimination & Retalation

It is illegal for a landlord to refuse to rent to protected legal groups, not respond to reasonable accommodation requests, and retaliate against a tenant for exercising their rights.  Before deciding not to rent to a certain tenant, to evict a tenant or take any action against a tenant, or to respond to a request for an accommodation from a tenant contact me to ensure the reason is legally permissible. 

Forbidden Types of Discrimination

California law forbids discrimination against tenants': race, religion, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation, martial status, disability, immigration, public assistance, family with children, and any arbitrary discrimination not related to a business purpose. 

Permitted Types of Discrimination

California permits discrimination under certain circumstances including tenant smokers (cigarettes and marijuana). Contact me for more information. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in housing covers a wide range of behavior from suggestive comments to physical encounters and is against the law. If you are accused of sexual harassment by a tenant contact me to discuss your rights. 

No Retaliation

It is illegal for a landlord to retaliate against a tenant for having exercised any right under the law.  Retalation includes reducing services, serving an eviction notice, or even threatening to take certain action. If a tenant has complained to you or authorities regarding their tenancy, please contact me before you take any action that might be deemed retaliatory.

Respond Carefully To Accommodation Requests

Discrimination includes refusal to make reasonable accommodation in rules, practices, services, policies, necessary for a disabled person (tenant). This area of the law is complex, so contact me to discuss your case. 

Contact Me For A Free Consultation

Contact me for an evaluation of your case to determine if an action you took or will take relating to a tenant might be deemed discriminatory or retaliatory.