practice areas

Unlawful Detainer (Evictions)

Evicting tenants under residential and commercial leases. 

Small Claims Preparation and Appeals

Providing landlords with legal advice necessary to prosecute or defend small claims suits and appeals. 

Civil Litigation

Representing landlords prosecute or defend limited and unlimited civil actions  (outside jurisdiction of small claims court).

Administrative Boards & Govt. Agencies

Both California and the federal government have departments that can hear complaints by tenants and levy remedies against landlords. Contact me to discuss your rights and how I can represent your legal interests before these boards.

Residential Landlord Legal Advice

Providing responsive and preventative legal advice to assist landlords resolve disputes without litigation. 

Commercial Landlord Legal Advice

Please contact me if you are a landlord with question or dispute with a tenant at your commercial property or if you need advice interpreting your rental/lease agreement.