Residential Evictions

Residential Unlawful Detainer

Evict tenants as fast as the law allows for any legally permitted reason.

Hire an Experienced Attorney -Avoid Costly Pitfalls and Delays

All aspects of an unlawful detainer must be accurate. Any mistake, even minor, will result in your losing and tenant remaining at the premises. I will ensure it is done correctly the first time to return your investment to you to put in a new tenant as efficient as the court allows.

Choosing the Correct Notice

Choosing the correct notice or no notice at all is essential to successfully evicting a tenant. 

Breach of Lease-Nonpayment of Rent

Evict tenants that are behind or no longer paying rent. 

Breach of Lease Term

Evict tenants that are not complying with the lease (other than nonpayment of rent).  Tenants who violate a significant term in lease like subleasing without permission, maintaining pets without permission, violating laws, and interfering with other tenants quiet enjoyment. 


Evict tenants whose tenancies are premised on employment with the landlord.

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I will thoroughly evalulate your case to determine the best course of action. There are unexpected things that the tenant (or his/her counsel) could do to draw out the case. It is imperative that you have proper legal counsel to represent your property interests. Don’t wait until then, though, to find a good attorney. If you are struggling with a  tenant, you should call The Law Office of Joshua Tucker today to review your lease agreement and determine your rights right away.